Session  - Yoga for stress relief

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As we know, origin of all stress is in our mind. Stress is a result of how we react to persons, situations and events that we are confronted with. Yoga, by definition, is to control the activities of the mind (yogash-chitta-vritti-nirodhah – Patanjali, yoga sutra 1.2). Since stress is an activity of the mind, it is evident that yoga, by its very definition, provides a means for stress management. The practice of yoga comprises of, among other items, asana (physical stretching), pranayama (breathing exercises), relaxation and meditation. When we practice all these components of yoga on a regular basis, we train our minds to remain stress-free even in the most so-called “stressful” situations. In this session, we will practice a sampling of all these yoga activities

Time:  9.30 am to 10 am

Instructor: Mr. Subhash Mittal.

            After working in the telecom industry for over 40 years (including both India and the US), Mr. Subhash Mittal decided to call it quits and retired in 2005 in favor of pursuing his                      deep interest in Yoga. He completed Yoga Teacher’s Training in 1996 from the Satchidananda Institute in Yogaville, VA. As time went by, he realized that he was deeply                                    committed to learning more about Yoga as well as teaching others so they could derive the benefits from their yoga practice. Currently, Mr. Mittal devotes his time studying                      Yoga and also teaching several classes during the week. His goal is to help his Yoga students develop every aspect of their individual personality: physical, emotional,                                         intellectual and spiritual. Subhash encourages his students to develop a regular home-based practice so they can achieve all the benefits that yoga can provide.