Session - Yogasana

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This session is designed to introduce group of Asanas with proper  Body posture and breathing to feel relaxed with  new energy for the body and  the Mind..

Time:  8:00 am - 8:30 am 

Instructors:  Mr. Mukund Saraiya.
             Mukund Saraiya Mukund Saraiya has been practicing yoga sice 1996. When the yoga teacher left for India in 1999, Mukund took over teaching and management for HSNC                      yoga  classes, where two classes per week are offered. Mukund has been teaching yoga classes on Sundays with his wife  Shobha at HSNC. We empasize breathing and                            awareness with each asana. These asanas are designed to bring calmness to mind, and improve physical health. He conducted a lagest ever yoga class in Raleigh area, with                   over 100+ participants  that was arranged by Cornucopia in 2007. By profession Mukund  is a Mechanical Engineer, with most of his career at IBM. On a personal note, he                         enjoys reading, tennis, music, cooking, gardening and learning Sanskrit.