Session  - Pranayama

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is Session is designed to introduce Pranayama techniques. Participants may experience how just a few minutes of proper Breathing techniques and Meditation can make you feel calm, peaceful, happy and energetic!

Time: 8:30 am - 9:00 am

Instructors: Mrs. Shobha Saraiya.

Shobha Saraiya is a Certified Yoga Instructor from YOGA Institute Mumbai, India.   Born and brought up in India Yoga has been part of her life.  Since her college days she is a follower of Shri Aurbindo.. She has been practicing yoga for past 20+ years.   In that capacity Shobha has been teaching Yoga at HSNC, SVT Gurukulam(children), TOC, summer camps, workshops(Children,adult), health fairs(HSNC, NaaaP) & in the park over the summer. In the past she has taught Yoga in RTP (Corporate), Women’s prison.   Shobha’s YOGA sessions (except corporate) are offered FREE and open to all.
Shobha continues to find ways to learn and research to enhance her knowledge weather it is Yoga or studies of the scriptures or spirituality or technical knowledge. Shobha acknowledges that, Yoga has helped her tremendously physically & mentally, brought her sense of that  inner peace and balance in her life and it has been a  JOY to share with her students the same  while teaching  Yoga. Her  Yoga sessions are  focused  towards the ability of the students and she lets them grow at their pace making it a   pleasant learning experience. Besides teaching Yoga and with her job as Software Engineer her other volunteer activities are:
* In 2002 Shobha formed a Gita study group at HSNC  to learn/study  "Bhagavad Gita" .This group meets every Thursday.
* Shobha along with her husband are active volunteers for the sanskritbharti USA, RTP chapter organizing activities since its inception in 2006.  Shobha has  been  teaching samskritam  L1 bhaashaavaragaH to Adults since 2012.
*She has been an  active member of  IEEE (ENCS) since 2001 and has worked as a membership dev. chair for the region for 5+ years. She has actively participated in organizing tech events &  other IEEE activities in the past.