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"We Achieve by Our Own Efforts"

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) USA is a voluntary, non-profit, social and cultural organization . Sangh, as the organization is popularly known . HSS conducts structured programs of regular athletic and academic activities to develop strong character and leadership skills in its members (known as swayamsevaks for men and sevikas for women), emphasizing values such as self-discipline, self-confidence and a spirit of selfless service (seva) for humanity. Sangh encourages maintaining Hindu cultural identity in harmony with the larger community. Sangh is inspired by the idea that the whole world is one family and conducts activities across the United States in order to spread this message widely. Sangh in the United States started in 1989 and today has over 140 weekly meeting centers (shakhas) across the country.

In order to promote spiritual growth, a sense of unity with the environment and general well being, yoga is an important part of the shakha program

HSS projects:

Weekly Shakha

A weekly program for the entire family. While the kids enjoy learning in the balagokulam, youth and adults also participate in activities such as games, songs, discussions, and lectures on Hindu culture. We strongly emphasize the physical, intellectual and spiritual growth of each individual and also promote a sense of discipline

Hindu Yuva

Chapters in colleges around teh country focusing on preserving Hindu roots in Youth on campus through various activities.


Various Sewa (voluntary) activities for communities around throughout the year.